Level Eight is an Independent Game Developer located in Umeå, Sweden.

Robbery Bob Game Art Generalist

We are looking for a well-rounded Game Art Generalist to work on our beloved Robbery Bob franchise. This artist must have the skills to work well within a small team and the ability to make creative decisions with regards to asset creation and design.

This person will be responsible for learning our pipeline and creating assets that work cleanly and efficiently with minimal supervision. The ideal candidate is self-motivated, humble, has pride in their work and puts heart into everything they do.


• Game development work experience.
• Experience with 3D modeling, animation and texturing.
• Advanced experience with Maya and Photoshop.
• Self-motivated with strong communication skills.
• Able to filter and evaluate criticism on a professional level.


• Cartoon illustration skills
• Published works
• A good sense of humor that matches the silliness of our Robbery Bob games
• Experience with mobile games development
• Unity experience

If you don’t match all the requirements, please demonstrate how your passion, attitude, and interest in working at Level Eight might compensate for this.

We offer:
• Full-time Game Developer Job in Umeå, Sweden.
• Work in a small, dedicated team that cares about making great games.
• Opportunity to continuously develop your artistic and technical skills.
• Great work/life balance with a no-crunch policy.
• Free coffee, Friday fika, lunch hour gaming and bad puns.


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Email us at jobs@leveleight.se and send us:
1. Your resumé and cover letter.
2. Links to your portfolio and to your previous projects.


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